​"Aligning Strategic Goals with Exemplary Performance"


Performance coaching will give you a practical tool for: Improving individual effectiveness and contribution; Build new and stronger collaborative ties across the organization; Retain talent; Facilitate professional growth and proficiency. Coaching is an ongoing collaborative approach for business owners and managers to adopt as preferred management style. 

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A Bug in the System By Terri Kelly

With more than twenty five plus years of strategic human resource management experience, delivering a wide variety of workshops we can customize our presentations/workshops to meet your specific organizational needs. We inspire audiences and bring candor and energy to any seminar or workshop. Below are a few of our more popular speaker topics:   Leader as Coach… 

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At its core, this book is about communications. Common language is the prerequisite to building the all-important sense of “agreement” that leads to “buy-in” and builds a solid platform for successful change. The character Rivet sets out what must be done to create and sustain this common language in these pages. Rivet learns from his virtual coach that action plans and accountability must follow goal-setting for real change to take place. Rivet with the assistance of the virtual coach guides readers through the steps of a concise and simple model that can be used with success by anyone committed to working through it. Rivet gains two simple but powerful insights. One is that when all are in agreement, each feels good about being part of a bigger plan. The other is that a team needs coaching. Using this model to coach a team united by language and common cultural perceptions should lead to better performance and productivity. Once everyone in your company reads this book and a common language of high-performance coaching emanates from that, you will be empowered as a leader to use The ideas presented and insights to drive your team to new heights.

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