Career development is an individual employee responsibility. An organization needs to create an environment that fosters individual accountability for career development. Career development is aligning organizational needs with an individual’s needs. Therefore, it is important for an individual to investigate the major strategic issues facing the organization (needs and challenges, competencies needed to meet challenges, positions in need of higher performance, is there bench strength to meet the challenges in place). Once the individual understands the needs of the organization he/she can identify career opportunities that uses their strengths, addresses their development needs, provides challenge, matches interest, values and personal style. When organizational needs and individual needs are in alignment the individual will find personal fulfillment and career success and the organization with get a high performing employee.

Several of our clients engaged GOAL to create competency models for each position. The competency models became the infrastructure for the entire talent management life cycle (selection & hiring, rewards & recognition, performance management, learning/training, career pathing, and succession planning).

The competency driven career development program designed, developed, and implemented for several GOAL clients provided a road map to the range of behaviors that produced exemplary performance. They helped the company raise the bar of performance expectations. They helped teams and individuals align their behaviors with key organizational strategies. They helped each individual understand how to achieve expected performance.

The Career Navigation System™ features give you a practical tool for aiding every employee to:

  • Expand and optimize their contribution to the organization.
  • Fulfill their career aspirations and see a positive future within the organization.
  • Become engaged in a meaningful way with the vision, mission, challenges, and priorities of the organization.

Career Development

​"Aligning Strategic Goals with Exemplary Performance"

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