​"Aligning Strategic Goals with Exemplary Performance"

Below is a partial list of successful engagements that Terri Kelly, founder of Go Out And Learn, has completed as a coach.

  • Vulcan Materials Company to create a six month coaching program to transform the organizations culture from “tell/do” management style to “coaching” as the preferred management style
  • BMW to create learning maps for their 18 leadership competencies; design and develop a brand for the associate training function; and coaching to transform trainers to performance consultants
  • Saba to design and develop position specific competency models, customized performance-based interview guides and learning maps for all competencies
  • Fernco PlumQuick to create a retention program that included developing HR metrics, develop OJT for all operations positions, design, develop, and implement a coaching process to increase retention and employee satisfaction
  • TAG Holdings, LLC to conduct HR due diligence for M&A, provide on-going executive HR support to companies acquired
  • Flextronics International to design and develop a global leadership development process, performance management system, competency models for key positions, and learning maps for each competency, and succession planning process and handbook
  • EDS to design and develop a Leadership Selection Process that is aligned with their business drivers and the characteristics of their new organization
  • The Michigan Senate to integrate core competencies into a performance management system that utilizes cost effective tools and a management/ team development workshop
  • Adaptec to identify best practices in the areas of retention, retraining, redeployment, reintegration and out-placement for a change management initiative
  • BaaN to create competency models for the Director of Sales, Pre-Sales, and Sales positions. Following the development of the competency models we developed and implemented performance-based job descriptions to be used in the employee selection process.
  • Methodist Children’s Home to create, conduct, and execute an exit interviewing process and reporting structure; created performance-based interviewing process and workshop, and created performance management system and training
  • Mount Elliot Cemetery Association to create a coaching-based performance management system
  • United Water to create a core competency model and implementation strategy for disseminating competencies throughout the organization


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Successful Engagements