​"Aligning Strategic Goals with Exemplary Performance"


Coaching is an ongoing collaborative approach for business owners to adopt as a preferred management style. Coaching focuses on developing collaborative relationships and mutually supportive partnerships in the work environment. Our Coaching Model focuses on providing a simple to use process that uses support, commitment, encouragement, development, and feedback as critical behaviors to be exhibited. These behaviors exhibited while coaching will lead to alignment among workers, motivation, and increased capacity. Deploying our coaching model within your organization will result in a positive return on investment and higher performance.

The model consists of understanding your current reality, creating your vision for the future, creating a detailed action plan, identifying your needed resources, talking about and creating ways to overcome obstacles, and measuring your results through every step of the process.

Business coaching is delivered one-on-one between co-worker to co-worker, supervisor to employee, manager to supervisor, or employee to supervisor/manager to emphasize partnering, collaboration, guidance, and modeling. Coaching requires dialogue, balance, and accountability to be successful.

One of our clients engaged GOAL to create a specific Coaching Program. We designed, developed, and delivered a six month program. The program delivered full-day workshop per month with two coaching sessions in between each workshop. Over the course of two years 138 managers were put through the program.

The Coaching Program literally transformed the culture of the company from “tell do” to “coaching as the preferred management style.” We were informed 5 years later that the program deliverable’s are still being used today, by an Executive Director of Operations.

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Coaching will give you a practical tool for:​

  • Improving individual effectiveness and contribution
  • Build new and stronger collaborative ties across the organization
  • Retain talent
  • Facilitate professional growth and proficiency