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Selection & Hiring

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Our Selection & Hiring process will give you a practical tool for:​

  • Providing a complete picture of job requirements
  • Increasing the likelihood of hiring people who will succeed in the position
  • Ensuring a more systematic interviewing and selection process

Selection and Hiring

Selection & Hiring is the most important activity for any organization no matter how small or large, yet it is the one that is usually given the least amount of time and commitment. You can reduce your employee relations issues significantly my making selection & hiring a priority.

One of our clients engaged with GOAL to create HR Metrics. We started by looking at turnover and found that turnover was running at 702% annually. This one metric lead us to look at their selection & hiring process. We ran numerous focus groups with all levels of employees from factory workers to executive management. From the data collected from the focus group we redesigned their selection & hiring process. The new process steps included: assessing the open position; identify candidate pool; collect applications; conduct a job preview with candidate’s; conduct assessment; conduct performance-based interview with hiring manager and HR; conduct background check; make offer and hire. For each position in the organization we identified the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics desirable in a high performer (we used ProfileXT to help with this step). We created customized performance-based interview guides for each position. We trained all hiring employees on how to conduct performances-based interviews and evaluate the information collected.

The new selection & hiring process resulted in a savings the first week of implementation of $125,000.