With more than twenty five plus years of experience delivering a wide variety of workshops we can customize our presentations/workshops to meet your specific organizational needs. We inspire audiences and bring candor and energy to any seminar or workshop. Below are a few of our more popular speaker topics:

Leader as Coach

We define coaching as the process of developing people by providing them with opportunities to increase their skills and experience while ensuring they receive continuous feedback and follow up.

The idea of the leader as a coach is not new.  The athletic coach is commonly used in literature on leadership and management.  Coaching is not just telling people what to do; it also involves helping them to achieve their fullest potential.  Successful coaches have to assume a variety of roles such as leader, listener, teacher, monitor, problem solver, supporter, tutor and challenger.

As a leader you must view coaching from two different viewpoints:

  • Coaching to lead others and
  • Being coached to achieve self-improvement
  • Attendee Benefits: Learning the value of coaching and how as a leader developing the skills to coach will get the desired results.

Coaching for Managers

One proven approach is the GROW model. GROW is an acronym standing for:

  • Goal – understanding where you want to go, what result is desired?
  • Reality – understanding what is working and what needs improvement?
  • Options – understanding what will get in your way and how to resolve the obstacle?
  • Will – understanding what things need to happed (action planning) to achieve the goal?
  • The model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring a coaching session.

A useful metaphor for the GROW model is the plan you might make for an important journey. First, you start with the map: With this, you help your team member decide where they are going (their Goal) and establish where they currently are (their Current Reality). Then you explore various ways (the Options) of making the journey. In the final step, establishing the Will, you ensure your team member is committed to making the journey and is prepared for the conditions and obstacles they may meet on their way.

Attendee Benefit: Managers/Leaders will have a better understanding of their coaching skills, strengths, and challenges. They will have a detailed plan for coaching employees for both opportunity and corrective action.

Action Planning & Self-Management

Throughout life our individual needs, interests, and desires change as time passes on.  Creating a navigational system to help us continue to align our needs, interests, and desires with the needs and culture of work environments will help us obtain and maintain a career that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Finding a mentor and tracking and measuring your own performance will begin to give you the resources you will need to navigate the career strategy you are designing for yourself.  Mentoring provides positive outcomes for both the protégé and mentor through the expansion of knowledge, skill, energy and creativity. The mentor provides career-advancing skills to guide the protégé in positioning and presenting themselves in a manner that results in professional development.  You will:

  • Identify how to find a mentor and why it is important
  • Create a method of tracking and measuring your own performance and learn ways to use this information to live the career you desire
  • The importance of action planning the activities that will help you be successful

Attendee Benefit:  Through learning how to find a mentor, how to track and measure personal performance, and action planning participants will begin to look at the whole picture to identify important trends and new possibilities.  Action planning and self-management will provide you the resources and navigational system to create a profound career strategy that will last a lifetime.

Team Building for a More Cohesive Team

Teamwork is a powerful advantage that competitors cannot imitate.  It is always lacking in companies that fail, and often present in those that succeed.  When people come together and set aside their individual needs for the good of the team, they can accomplish almost anything.  Good teamwork results in getting more done in less time and with less cost.  Your team will be able to:

  • Create common goals and share the rewards and responsibilities for achieving those goals
  • Team members will be able to set aside individual goals for the group’s goals
  • Team members will develop: trust, be able to develop skills for conflict resolutions, have commitment and accountability, and will be results focused.

Attendee Benefit: Team members will gain greater understanding of what the team needs to be high performing.

Priority Management for Improved Performance

Priority management has always been referred to as time management, well the myth is there is only so much time, we cannot add minutes to an hour, hours onto a day or days to a week, weeks to a month, or months to a year.  With that said all we can do is understand what is important and value add to get done and eliminate the time wasters so we can become more productive.

Priority/Time management is aided by a range of:

  • Skills – determining what is important and what is not
  • Tools – a system to accomplish specific tasks, projects, and goals complying with a due date
  • Techniques – create a custom procedure that works for you to achieve the desired results
  • Attendee Benefit:  Better time/priority management and tool to implement a system for themselves.

Define Your Visions & Mission

To develop a vision and mission that reflects the dreams of where you want to go and who you want to be when you get there.  “The key to happiness is having dreams…., the key to success is making dreams come true.”


  • Personality – clear sense of uniqueness that represents the you soul
  • Collaboration – reflect shared values, goals, and dreams
  • Moving content – inspires pride and motivates that is credible and enduring
  • Brevity – elegance in simplicity and shorter statements are more easily remembered
  • Impact – statement has to mean something, the end product is to have the others understand where the you are going so they can help you work toward your destiny


  • Defines your specific purpose
  • Criteria for assessing the long-run effectiveness of your career strategy
  • Those conditions that, if realized, will assure your success
  • Valued-laden


  • What is a brand?
  • Create a brand strategy
  • Define your brand personality
  • Attendee Benefit:  Participants will create a vision and mission statement that will lead to the creation of their personal brand that will become the foundation for their personal lifelong career strategy.

How to Find a Mentor

The mentoring relationship has as its core purpose the professional development of the protégé through the coaching and guidance of the mentor. A successful mentoring relationship provides positive outcomes for both the protégé and mentor through the expansion of knowledge, skill, energy and creativity. The mentor provides career-advancing skills to guide the protégé in positioning and presenting themselves in a manner that results in professional development.

There are several potential outcomes for mentoring to enhance:

  • Protégé performance excellence
  • Protégé self-confidence
  • Organizational performance
  • Organizational communication
  • Creativity and idea exposure
  • Development of a cooperative, productive and service oriented environment

By providing feedback in such areas as job performance, relationships, technical information and role expectations, the mentor passes on lessons learned throughout his or her career. As a result, mentors come to feel that they have had an opportunity to “make a difference” and have made a real contribution to their profession, their organization and their own life.

Attendee Benefit: Learning the value of finding your own mentor and how that can help you advance your career.

Life-Long Career Strategy

To achieve career satisfaction you need to figure out what your preferences are and then find a company with a culture that accommodates them.

Concentrate on who you are and let that guide you to creating a career strategy that will serve you for a lifetime.

  • Identify the building blocks necessary to create and implement a lifelong career strategy
  • You will uncover the ingredients you must have in your work so it will truly be fulfilling
  • Create a map that includes your experiences, likes and dislikes, joys and frustrations which clarify for you what kinds of work will be fulfilling for you, then you will map “you” to ideal work environment, your work-related strengths, your basic values and list of potentially satisfying career options
  • Outline strategies designed specifically to be effective for your job search

Attendee Benefit:  Through the process of creating a life-long career strategy, participants will learn what kinds of work will leverage their competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities), personal characteristics, and values and more importantly how to match themselves with the culture of a company.

Marketing Yourself

Discover how to create a marketing plan for your job search or career development within your current company.  If you merely present your past accomplishments you will remain planted in your past. Instead, you need to use your past experience to convince employers that you have the knowledge and skills of their company and their industry to help move them forward. If you can do that, you will propel yourself into a new position and challenge.

The reality is that companies want people who know how to win.

  • Career development/movement is a sales process
  • Become a successful marketer
  • Define your product – “You”
  • Describe your benefits
  • Determine your market
  • Develop your marketing plan
  • Create effective marketing channels
  • Create your marketing materila
  • Determine the Employer’s needs
  • Create a strategic marketing plan
  • Close the deal – get the job

Attendee Benefit:  A big picture, holistic approach to marketing yourself and finding the job/position of your dreams that you will find fulfilling in every way.


From the time we enter school we are asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”  Or whenever you meet someone new, chances are one of the first questions both ask is, “What do you do?”  We spend more than half of our waking hours at work, so our jobs actually become our identities.  The question becomes why not enjoy the work that you do?  Instead of defining yourself by your job, why not do the opposite?  Find a job that suits you, and do what you are.  Do what you naturally enjoy most.

  • Why understanding yourself is important?
  • Learn what career satisfaction is for you
  • Make sure you and your career continue to grow together instead of apart
  • Enjoy the many fringe benefits that come from understanding who you really are

Attendee Benefit:  Participants will learn a process for defining who they are and how to use the information to begin to create a career strategy that will last a lifetime.

Additional Speaker Topics:

We are qualified and have content on the following speaker topics that we can either speak or create a workshop to meet your organizational needs.

  • Leadership Development
  • Interviewing Techniques/Skills including legal compliance
  • Performance Reviews/Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Telemarketing Skill Building
  • Sales Workshops both inside and outside

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